Pageants 258

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  1. A Masque of Montrose
    This one-off pageant took place in Links Park, Montrose. The pageant master was the Rev. Charles Murray Stewart.

  2. Pageant of Musselburgh
    The pageant took place as part of a common ridings festival.d

  3. Historical Pageant of Inverurie
    Little is known about this pageant, but what appears to have been an early draft of the script is held in Aberdeen University Special Collections.d

  4. 750th Anniversary Pageant, Kirkintilloch
    There is very little information about this pageant.

  5. 600th Anniversary Pageant, Banff
    The pageant was held to mark the 600th anniversary of Banff becoming a Royal Burgh.

  6. Aberystwyth Peace Pageant
    The Aberystwyth and Cardiganshire Peace Pageant of 1935 took place in the ruins of the 13th-century castle. Performed only once, but to a full audience, it was judged an artistic and emotive succes...

  7. Arbroath pageant, 1954
    In July 1954, the Aberdeen Evening Express carried an advertisement placed by the city's branch of the Scottish Covenant Association; this promoted a bus tour to the Arbroath Pageant to be held the...

  8. Arbroath Abbey Pageant, 1955
    The single biggest change made within the Arbroath Pageant in 1955 was that the religious service, which every year had introduced all performances given during daylight hours, was abandoned. In al...

  9. The [Arbroath] 1950 Pageant
    'Arbroath has definitely put itself on the map of national pageantry', declared the Aberdeen Press and Journal.22 This being the fourth annual enactment of the Pageant of the Declaration of Scottis...

  10. Arbroath Abbey Pageant 1951
    In 1951, the fifth annual Arbroath Abbey Pageant was said to have reached 'perfection in festival year'.26 This pointed reference to the Festival of Britain, made many times in the local press, may...

  11. Arbroath Abbey Historical Pageant, 1948
    The enthusiasm of the pageant organisers at the 1947 Pageant was, if anything, exceeded for the pageant's second outing in August 1948. Having established an Arbroath Abbey Pageant Committee, and h...

  12. Pageant of the Declaration of Independence, Arbroath 1949
    The 1949 pageant in Arbroath was third in the series of pageants that took place to celebrate the famous Declaration of Scottish Independence, which was despatched from the Abbey in Arbroath in 132...

  13. Arbroath Abbey Pageant, 1952
    During the 1951 pageant, some rumblings about nationalism had infiltrated discussion of the event. Undoubtedly, feelings had been heightened by the discovery of the hitherto missing 'Stone of Desti...

  14. Arbroath Abbey Pageant 1953
    The organisers of the Arbroath pageant started off their preparations for the 1953 performance with high hopes. The number of shows was extended to seven, from the previous Pageant in 1952, five of...

  15. Andover Coronation Celebrations
    The 1953 Coronation was an important occasion for historical pageantry in the 1950s. This was one of many relatively small-scale pageants staged across the UK at this time. As is clear from film fo...

  16. Arbroath Historical Pageant, 1947
    In 1947, when the Arbroath Abbey Pageant was held, the after-effects of World War II and the austerity that affected the British population were an everyday reality—a fact pointed out by one corres...

  17. Crieff Historical Pageant
    There is little information about this pageant, which took place at an unusual time of year – early January. There was a very small amount of coverage in the local press.

  18. The Saut-Box Pageant
    This may have been a procession.

  19. Alyth Coronation Pageant
    This pageant was organised by the Scottish Women's Rural Institutes, and seems mainly to have been a parade. There was coverage in the Dundee Courier.

  20. Berkhamsted Pageant Play, 1922
    Berkhamsted pageant play was performed four times from Wednesday 5 to Saturday 8 July 1922.3 The week was beset with poor weather, with rain interrupting every performance except one.4 A souvenir b...